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KBS Interior Design re-designed a home in Glenview, Illinois and created a unique and unexpected design for this traditional home.


This traditional home located in Glenview, Illinois was fully refinished to accommodate the needs of a family of 6.  The client was willing to push the boundaries to get a unique and unexpected design.  KBS Interior Design infused some glam elements into the once traditional styled home bringing it to the next level.  The living and dining room were made for the client to entertain highlighting a custom wood log coffee table from Brazil with acrylic legs. KBS Interior Design loves to mix and match style and material.  In the kitchen the design was done in collaboration with DDK Kitchen Design.  The designers used unique elements and materials- a custom Hood by V.A. Robinson, black and red cabinetry with brass metal mesh and mirror accent doors and Quartzite countertops. All in all- the home is as unique as its inhabitants.

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