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This office space – located in Chicago’s 875 North Michigan Avenue building (previously known as The  John Hancock Center) – was designed to act as both a private office and a collaborative meeting space  for a C-Suite executive at Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB). FCB is a global, award-winning and fully  integrated marketing communications company with a heritage of creativity and success dating back to  1873. The agency focuses on creating “Never Finished” campaign ideas that have the power to  transform brands, businesses and communities. 

When Ana and Angelina from KBS Interior Design were charged with the task of designing a unique space for creatives, there was no choice but to get creative! Approaching the project from a residential  point of view the designers created a comfortable space which feels much like being in someone’s uber  chic living room- complete with bar cart. The highlight of the space is a bold impactful Elitis wallpaper,  so the designers quieted the rest of the space with a dark walls, neutral carpet, and upholstery. The  coffee tables were designed so that each team member can pull them up to use for their laptops or for a  beverage. Swivel chairs were also integrated for media presentations- a large screen is located opposite  the sofa. 

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