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Ana Nardi and Angelina Almeida

KBS Interior Design is a residential design studio based in Chicago. We are two Brazilian designers who met while traveling abroad and share more than a common nationality.  Our mutual passion for art, design and exploring the world infuses our interior designs with a richly layered narrative.

Whether we are exploring furniture designs or sourcing new materials during our international travels, we nurture our aesthetic with global inspiration to create eclectic, chic and curated interiors.  KBS Interior Design blends materials, form and texture into distinctive spaces that combine our multi-cultural perspective with our clients' lifestyle.  

Successful projects translate a client's history and desires into a timeless, elegant and functional space or home. To achieve that success, we guide and collaborate, always open to a client's ideas, always respectful of their budget and timeline. 


At KBS Interior Design, we believe that every interior should offer the unexpected and be as unique as its inhabitants.

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